S. No. Subject Form No. Download the Form
1. Enrolment as Member Form – 2 Download
2. Application Form for Entry in ICAI Register as an Associate Member under MRA / MoU of a Foreign Accounting Body Form 2 A Download
3. Issue of Identity Card Download
4. Issue of Duplicate Identity Card Download
5. Certificate of Practice Form – 6 Download
6. Admission as a Fellow Form – 3 Download
7. Restoration of Name Form – 9 Download
8. Restoration of C.O.P Form – 101 Download
9. Approval of Trade / Firm Name Form – 117 Download
10. Registration of Trade / Firm Name Form – 18 Download
11. Form of Application for Permission for full time / part time employment Download
12. Form for Self Declaration for Admission of Associate Member as Fellow member Download
13. Permission for Engagement as Sleeping Partner in a family firm (Regulation 190 A) Download
14. Format of Affidavit of issuance of duplicate certificate Download
15. Format of Affidavit for declaring Family Members’ name for Firm name approval Download
16. Format of certificate for commonly known name to be obtained from two officers of the rank of Dy. Secy. and above to the Central Government / State Govt. Download
17. Format of Affidavit – For Condonation of Breach of Regulation 190(4)/(7) Download
18. Form of Complaint/ Statement of Reasons before the Committee of Ethical Standards (CESURA) Download
19. Life Membership Application Form – CABF Download
20. Format for Membership of CABF Group Term Insurance Scheme Download
21. Application Form for Assistance/CABF Download
22. Forms of Networking Download Form A
Download Form B
Download Form C
Download Form D
23. Forms of Merger & Demerger Download Form E
Download Form F
24. Form for MCS Company Download Form G
Download Form H
25. Application for Issuance of Identity Card to Members Download
26. Self-Declaration Form to Avail CPE Hours Credit for Unstructured Learning Activities Download
27. Form for Application for issuance of Goodstanding Certificate Download
28. Self Declaration for issuance of Goodstanding Certificate Download
29. Format for intimation for Joining /Resignation by a partner/paid assistant Download